Love begins to lose its loveliness when it comes to reason.愛情一旦涉及理智就開始失去可愛了。

  Most sense means self-sacrifice. 大部分的懂事意味著自我犧牲

  The world is yours until you become a better version of yourself. 我不怕天黑與驚雷,我怕你心酸和皺眉。

  I only occasionally stop and miss it, and then go on. 我只會偶爾停下來懷念 ,然後繼續往前走。

  I'm not very ambitious. I just want to be your world. 野心不大,只想做你的天下。

  The person who can find sorrow behind your smile, words behind your silence and love behind your anger, is the one who can hold you forever. 能看到你笑容背後的憂傷,聽到你沉默背後的呼喚,感受到你憤怒背後的愛意,這種人,才能執子之手,直到永久。

  The pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it will go away when you learn to accept your fortune with good grace.—痛苦不會因為發洩憤怒或者怨恨不平而消失,讓它消失的方法是,學會優雅的接納你的命運。

  Happiness is holding the right hands, even lost the direction, still not afraid.—幸福就是隻要牽對了手,就算失去了方向,也不會害怕。

  You are the reason why I became stronger.But still,you are my weakness.—-因為你,我懂得了成長,可你,依舊是我的傷。

  Even if life sucks, if you look at it from different point of views, it will still be beautiful.—生活即便讓人焦頭爛額,可若換個角度看,它還是那麼美。