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  There was a sad news recently, March 14, according to foreign media reported that Stephen Hawking had just died at the age of 76.

  It's hard to hear the news. Stephen Hawking is a famous physicist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, one of the greatest modern physicists, and I am very sad. We'll introduce you to Hawking today.

  Stephen William Hawking


  霍金21歲時患上肌肉萎縮性側索硬化症,He was paralyzed and unable to speak, with only three fingers in his hand to move. The doctor thought that he could only survive for 2-3 years.

  However, the doctor's predictions were inaccurate, Hawking continued his scientific work, married two times, and had three children. 1969年他被迫坐上了輪椅


  上一秒,明明還在跟一個派對上認識的女孩仰望星空聊著最喜歡的音樂,the next second, he found himself lying on the lawn and couldn't stand up.


  The colder words made him enter the darkness: "Your brain will always be awake, the motor neurons in the brain control the movement of the body, but they are dying." Your muscles will gradually stop moving. 」但霍金並沒有因此消沉,他甚至喜歡上了輪椅飆車」這項運動。

  He often drove the electric wheelchair to full speed, and sped to the middle of the road, enjoying the frightened expression of his assistant.

  He has a special "hobby", according to the Wild Animals daily reported that Hawking's favorite thing to do is to use a wheelchair to run the annoying person's toes. 在1976年的一次英國皇家宴會中,英國王子查爾斯就不幸中招,霍金軋過他的腳趾之後,還高興地開著輪椅在地上轉了一圈。

  In his autobiography, Hawking has also written: one of the greatest regrets in life is not to have rolled over Mrs Thatcher's toes.

  科學家霍金是遠離世人站在神壇之上的,我們只能遠觀卻難以共鳴;Handicapped Hawking is truly warm and even incomplete, and it is more touching.




  In the popular American sitcom " The Big Bang Theory", Hawking played Hawking appearance, Sheldon face Hawking fainted in the ground, Hoking set spit: "Another faint powder."

  雖然因為疾病已不能發聲,但在1994年,霍金利用電子發聲器獻聲,和英國大神級迷幻搖滾樂團Pink Floyd合作錄製了搖滾作品「Keep Talking」。

  In the song, Hawking said two words through an electronic speech synthesizer: "For thousands of years, humans have lived like animals. But suddenly our imagination was released, and that was when we learned to speak.」

  另一句話則是"There is no need for such indifference, all we need to do is to make sure we are keeping communication."

  這兩段話突出表現了在霍金心中,人與人之間交流是無比重要的,交流是一切的起點。Hawking also participated in the 2014 Rage Ice Bucket Challenge, calling for people to love the frozen people.

  Of course, Professor Hawking himself was not watered by the ice water, instead he was the professor's children. 這也讓我們看到了霍金面對人生的樂觀和豁達。

  沒錯,霍金通過電子合成器製造一個句子要5、6分鐘,為了合成一個小時的錄音演講要準備10天。Nevertheless, Hawking is still enthusiastic about public speaking, willing to communicate ideas with people, and spread scientific ideas around the world.




  Greetings to my friends in China! It has been too long! I last visited China in 2006 when I took part in a physics conference in Beijing. It was an extraordinary experience. My first trip was in 1985 when I travelled across your remarkable country by train. In my physical travels, I have only been able to touch the surface of your fascinating history and culture. But now I can communicate with you through social media – and I hope to tell you more about my life and work through this page and also to learn from you in reply.


  As of today (March 16, 2018) noon, Hawking's microblog total of 4.76 million fans, published in two years a total of 20 micro-blog, the last Chinese microblog is to answer Tfboys member Wang Junkai a question.

  He encouraged: "I hope that when you pursue science and other ideas, such curiosity and confidence can continue." 而這也成為了他在微博上更新的最後一條微博。





  Hawking has struggled with ALS for more than 50 years since he was 21 years old. Over the past 50 years, this scientist, with the world's most sensitive brain, has broken through a set of instruments, connected to the infinite universe.

  您能不能給我一個詞,談談您想對這個世界說什麼?」 著名攝影師Platon Antoniou曾在拍攝過程中問了霍金這樣的一個問題,At that time, Hawking used all his strength to play out the words he wanted to say to the world by using his cursor, a small piece of active muscle under his eye, "Wow."